Tuesday, April 15, 2008


i am going to biola for sure!! and i just had my 18th b-day yesterday!! and i went to hungary... i am just filling you all in with everything that has happened since my last update. um i ditched school on my birthday and went to berkeley and the oakland zoo with my best friend kaylee it was amazing. definately best birthday ever. and my mom had a little surprise party for me this weekend so that was fun. i am really ready for school to be over i have senioritis reallly bad. and cant focus on anything. i also quit my job at tullys and so i am really excited about that! woohoo. theres definately more that happened but i cant remember.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

wow its been a while. heres an update

ok so alot has happened since my last post. i went to colorado to visit colorado christian university and i looooved it while i was there and was ready to fill out all the forms and was set on going there. god had different plans i guess cuz when i got home everyday i felt god telling me more and more to look at biola again. i had totally blocked biola off and didnt want to go there at all. i was mad because i thought i finally knew where i was going to school and then i got all confused again. so as of right now its like CCU 30 % and Biola 70% every day biola increases so we will see what happens. after spring break i am gonna loook at biola again. speaking of spring break i am going to hungary to serve the gypsies and orphans and just the hungarian people. i am so excited this is going to be such an amazing experience. please be praying for everyone going. so alot has been going on angela came home this weekend so that she could come to this fancy banquet thing that i had to give a speech at and it was really nice and i was super nervous. man i love having her home i didnt realize how much i missed her except for when she started smaking her food and making noise when i wanted to sleep i didnt miss that. haha but anyways ill try to be better about updating.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

outdoor ed was amazing

so i went to outdoor ed with donlon elementary school as a counselor to 5th graders. it was the best week ever. i had soo much fun. i thought i was going to be a boy counselor but then i ended up being a girl counselor. i was kinda bummed but it ended up being sooo awesome. they loved me and though i was was like the best thing ever which was really funny. the camp was in loma mar kinda by santa cruz. and i was soo pretty. we were in a redwood forest and went to to beach for a day. i kissed a banana slug and sung camp songs for 4 days straight. i felt like a kid again and loved it. i had 2 girls in my cabin who fought the whole time and it was sooo annyoing. i had to be soo patient with them. man that place was amazing. i decided i love 5th graders and i always thought i wanted to teach little kids but i think i might wannt teach 5th grade. it was really cool how they looked up to me so much. one night when we were there we had a Barnyard boogie in the dinning hall and we did the funnest dances ever. i was also super cool because i didnt know any of the other counselors besides like 4 others girls and now all the counselors are like BFF and we went out to dinner when we go back. Man i want to go back to that camp again soo bad.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

new house!!

hello my friends so if you didnt know my mom just moved and its been a little bit stressful but we are almost done unpacking which is good. we had sooo much help it was such a blessing. matt terres was such a help. so i got the sweet end of the deal i have a master bedroom with my own bathroom and patio!! and my own entrace. crazy. its soo nice i look at my door and windows and see the foothills.i really love it.

Friday, February 8, 2008

this weekend will be busy

tomorrow as in saturday i will be working from 10-5 and then babysitting from 5-12 aka making tons of money and probabllly falling asleep on the job because i will be so exhausted. it gets better i am moving and will sleep in my new room tomorrow. which will be strange because i get scared sleeping alone in my bedroom now so a new bedroom in a new house will be very very scary.haha (fyi im scared of almost everything) then i willl be working again ton sunday and monday. on top of all this iwill be moving and packing for my outdoor ed trip which is going to be pure awesomeness. im so excited. i will have 10 little 5th grade boys to take care. yes i said boys. aka CRAZY! im kinda excited though and i will be back next friday. im pumped. thats my schedule for the weekend but you probablly dont care.

Monday, February 4, 2008

this is random

so today at school my teacher was like there is this speech contest that no one is signed for and you win money(not very much like 100 dollars but its still money) so me and my friend decided to do it so far we are the only ones which means we will win no matter what. im pumped also. next week i will be going to outdoor ed and be a counselor for 10 little 5th grade boys. haha this should be quite the experience im actually really excited. anyways hopefully i dont choke at the speech things. its all professional at the hilton hotel and everything. im soo weird why am i doing things???!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

its been a weird weekend

so ill start on on friday. i went to panera with some girls since it just opened and it was delicious. and then i went back to my house and me and kaylee and chris and josh were hanging out. josh and chris decided to steal our car keys while we were upstairs and park our cars in front of seven eleven. kind of annoying.so me and kaylee took my dads car and went looking for the cars. we found them and then went back to the house. josh gave us back our keys and then we went to go get the car. stupidly me and kaylee left the keys in the house and we got locked out. sooo dumb. so now were locked out and its 11:30 at night and freezing. so i call cody jorgenson and his friend brian came over and picked the lock and we got in the house. soooo strange. so that was friday.
ok so saturday there was supposed to me a amador foothill upperclassmen dance. everyone got all dressed up(it was semi-formal) and when we were taking pictures somone calls us and says the dance is cancelled because someone was gonna commit suicide at the dance. so we called up the administration because all my friends are in leadership and sure enough the dance was cancelled. so we decided we would still go to dinner. we got to chilis and they gave way our table of 25 people because we were 5 minutes late. so we went to in n out. and then from there a friend of mine threw a huge party in Ruby and like 100 people showed up and we didnt know lots of them and it was crazy. so that was saturday.
so today i got to bank to get money to put done my deposit for hungary and i got my atm card and locked me keys and cell phone inside the car. wow i wanted to yell i was soo angry. also no one was at the bank either and it was raining. perfect. so i waited for people to come so i could ask if could borrow there phones to call my dad but with my terrific luck no one brought there phones. finally somone felt bad for me and went back to there house and got there phone and came back. such a nice person. and luckily my dad answered his phone and waited for AAA to come. that was my weekend.got locked out twice, got really wet in the rain. and went to my first real highschool party. which was fun and i didnt drink.haha hopefully i will stop forgetting me keys places.